Weight Loss Inspiration: Famous Personal Trainers Online

Weight Loss Inspiration: Famous Personal Trainers Online

Getting some weight loss inspiration is vital towards achieving your goals, and there are a lot of quotes out there that will work you up and get you that thrill you need to dive in hard and start sweating. Fortunately, there’s real help out there, not just weight loss inspirational quotes. For starters, there’s a new program out there that has been generating a lot of buzz and that gets you a celebrity personal trainer.

The program’s name is Platinum Fitness Academy, and it will allocate you a celebrity personal trainer for a small monthly fee – all thanks to the Internet. Lauren Sutherland, the celebrity personal trainer that trains big names like Mel C from the Spice Girls, created the Platinum Fitness Academy to help people that struggle with weight or lack of muscle mass because she was once struggling too.

What motivated Lauren to become a big name in the fitness industry was having weight problems when she was young – and she had to learn and practice a lot to get rid of them, eventually picking up the passion for fitness and educating herself – working her way to the top.

Now, the program is available to everyone, and you’ll get great perks by enrolling – like:

  • A shiny member’s account that grants you access to the Platinum Fitness Academy;
  • Personal Training from Lauren herself – in video and books!
  • A huge learning center!
  • Monthly new healthy recipes, like juicing recipes for weight loss!
  • Her list of suppliers!
  • A monthly case study on some of her celebrity clients!
  • You can ask your own questions and she’ll answer on video;
  • Access to a vast fitness library with hundreds of video exercises by Lauren Sutherland;
  • Access to the exclusive VIP Facebook Page.

So, getting the Platinum Fitness Academy is getting a celebrity personal trainer for yourself, which will undoubtedly make your goals quickly achieved.

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