Vert Shock Review: Is Vertshock a Scam?

Vert Shock Review: Is Vertshock a Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Vert Shock and how it, and if it, makes you jump higher and overall increase your vertical jump to new heights.

The program seems to be good at first as you start picturing yourself dunking and taking off to rim-wreck the basket with a Dunk show!

After you really get to know more about Vert Shock, it doesn’t just seems to be good, you know it is great! Let us tell you all about the product, what it does and its developers.


Adam Folker Basketball Developer for Vert Shock

Adam Folker and Kobe Bryant


Adam Folker is one of the developers for this vertical jump training program and he has one of those jumps you just drool over. As many athletes, he took a vast array of training programs in order to add up 9 to 15 inches to his vertical jump in a matter of days or weeks… yes it seems unbelievable, but believe it or not it is actually pretty common in high performing athletes with the right techniques.

He knows even short or un-athletic guys can reach new heights with the right training programs and techniques, and he plans to show you irrefutable proof on how this works even for you!


For context, know that Adam knows what he is talking about since in High School he was always being made fun of because he was the only one who couldn’t reach the backboard.

He then went up to becoming the leading scorer in the country during his senior year in High School and got a scholarship and a chance to start down his path to professional basketball playing – the rest of the story you already know.


Folker told us he thinks his skill on jumping higher than those taller than him is what makes him one-of-a-kind, and tells us that now that he is recognized for that, he teaches all over the world, getting all the money and experiences… errhm we think he meant women too…. That he could use.


Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington Basketball Developer for Vert Shock:

Justin also got in the “Vert Shock” secrets and has been called the number one dunker in the World – more than once!

He was close to getting in the Olympics as a high jumper too – what basketball player can do this? So, you know by now he also has some things to teach you about jumping higher.

If you want to learn how to jump higher or how to increase your vertical jump height, then read on!


Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, Nike World Dunk Contest Winner, with Lebron James, Diana Taurasi and Anthony Davis.


Vert Shock Review: How to Jump Higher?

Between the two developers, Vert Shock’s training program is more than tested and proven to work, and it has added about 33 inches to their hops combined.

This is a compilation of all the best parts of the training programs for brutal dunk contests and competitions for years, and also gets all of the secret techniques and secret sauce both developers know and share only with their students.


If you already tried a program to improve your vertical jump height or find yourself thinking about buying those scammy e-books or crazy shoes, don’t do it! Don’t fall on their marketing traps and trust authorities, who really are known offline, give out their real names, put their reputation on the line and give you irrefutable proof of how it all works.

What you need isn’t an e-book telling you how unique you are or a pair of shoes that promises to buff your jumps – what you need is a step by step course, someone to take you by the hand, education and the proper training tools and principles needed to really work your jumps!


Vert Shock isn’t a marketing product or a crazy stunt, it is a science backed and proven training program full of resources and principles proven to work!

If you’re tired of watching guys dunk, jumping higher than you and getting all the attention, get this program.

You won’t regret it.


Vert Shock Bonus: If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it!

That’s right, the developers are so sure you are going to jump higher than ever that they also included a 100% money back guarantee policy for 60 days, so you can use the program and train for two whole months, and if you don’t like it or it fails to perform as promised, simply return it and get your full refund no questions asked and no hassles whatsoever.

It won’t happen though, as you will see results in a matter of days – time depending on how much you train


Buy Vert Shock Now!


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