Verified Profits Scam: Yes, it is all a lie!

Verified Profits Scam: Yes, it is all a lie!

Ok, so it gets hilarious when you add up some previous programs. Firstly, you had Verified Trader. After some time Confirmed Profits appeared – Now it is time to gawk at yet another non-original rehashed scam called Verified Profits.

What’s next…. Confirmed Trader? It’s the only combination lacking.


What is the Verified Profits Scam all about?

Well, the scam is pretty simple, you give them money, they fail to deliver results, you learn you’ve been tricked and try to get a refund only to find out you aren’t getting one.

This leaves you with a few hundred dolars in the red, and a pretty bad mood.


But why is Verified Profits a Scam? Well, read this:

First of all, you should know who developed Verified Profits, and the answer is:

Those behind other proven and verified scams like Verified Trader and Fisher Method. These are total scams and have been outted some time ago.

Well, do you think the developers behind two scams are making a legit program now? If you think that, you’re going to have a bad time.

This time it is still just as bad as previously.


Verified Profits Review: They are all positive right? Well, read this!

If you search around the web you’ll find hundred of stunning and great reviews about how the program rocks and how they got rich with Verified Profits, but they all have affiliate links to the page.

You see, this scam offers $250 for those who recommend it on their sites. If you visit one of these review sites and buy the scam via their pages, the owner of the review banks $250.

I dare you to find one single good review without an affiliate link!


Pseudo Seals: Verified Bullshit!

You’ll find a lot of security and institutional seals of approval and seals of quality in the site… but guess what: If you click them you’ll get no credentials for that seal simply because it is just a bunch of images stolen from other sites.

It is all just a big fat lie, and if you spend your hard earned money here, you’re going to have a hard time trusting anyone ever again.

Trust us instead, we could bank $250 per sale if we spoke highly of the product, but we are ethical and just can’t do that – we call bullshit what it is, no matter the cost!


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