Specialists and many teachers tell us to believe positive to realize success. But, I’d like to tell you…

Positive thinking ISN’T enough to become successful.

If you desire to become successful in your life, then you have to join positive thinking with actions and millionaire mindset. In summary, you need to reprogram your brain. YES!! It is not impossible to reprogram your brain to think like a millionaire so money will come to you.

If you’ve got any doubt in your abilities, then I recommend one to take this short 60-second quiz where you’ll find how if you’ve millionaire’s brain.

This can be where you can require help from Dr. Steve’s Total Money Magnetism (The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaires).

But before buying Dr. Steve’s program, I would propose you to read this Total Cash Magnetism review which is based on genuine and well-researched tips.


Let’s start this review…


It is created by Dr. Steve G. Jones who’s quite a popular hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire.

Dr. Steve divided this great product into two distinct parts.

The first part of the program is 160 pages manual that’s divided into four parts and comprise precise pattern on of wealth- money and building making skills. In this guide, Dr. Steve revealed steps on how to remove self-destroying customs and toxics that are blocking your way towards success. Furthermore, this guide comprises much other valuable info five fundamentals to millionaire success, like ten secret success principles, building wealth, attracting mindset and much more.

The second part features six hypnosis MP3 tracks which might be created by Dr. Steve teaching you how to really get wealth and success rolling with the help of ‘6 clinically proven steps to millionaire.’ These 6 MP3 tracks will awaken your internal natural money pulling ability that can make your brain work effectively and quickly.


Along with six hypnosis and 152 pages guide MP3 tracks, you will also get four valuable bonuses.

The first bonus is the string of exclusive interviews with a self-made millionaire.

The second bonus is the Mark Ling’s 3 Fastest Way to Make Million Online. For those that don’t know, Mark Ling is the renowned multi-millionaire internet marketer who already helped over 100,000 individuals in making money online.

The Astonishing Self is the on-line membership program in which you will get hints and techniques about how to function as the best version of yourself in every facet of your life. This will enable you to achieve any aim in your life.


Dr. Steve was not a born millionaire. Instead, he produced in the family who was suffering from all form of monetary problems. Also, at the age of 6, Steve lost his mother because of cancer and his dad turn into an alcoholic. He starts living with poor’s mind and begins feeling money is hard to come his way.


Dan met Steve, a guy with 30K in debt. Dan subconsciously converted Steve’s inferior mind with rich millionaire brain and talks with Steve. Steve starts feeling the new light of hope in his brain and eventually within only two weeks he creates over $59K in sales.

After two years of studying with tons of trial and errors, Steve comes to understand the precise pattern of how his inferior head was replaced by Dan with rich millionaire head that totally alter his life.

He starts putting these secrets to work on customers in multiplying money. Many businesses are taking help to boost the motivation of the salespersons. Salespersons and Sales efficiently raised making $10,000 in sale commission.




Appearances were already made by him in many magazines and Forbes, CNN, NBC, CBS too. Based on Forbes,

“Dr. Steve charges $25K for 120 minutes of top executive, directors, performers, and producer coaching sessions”

Nonetheless, you do because you’re able to get access to Steve’s secrets to wealth making by downloading Overall Cash Magnetism by paying only $47 don’t need certainly to worry at all.



10 Success Principles – You can’t attain success in your life. Most guides feature success principles that are unsuccessful and worthless but Steve’ s 10 success principles will place you in fast-track to achieving success

Millionaire Detox – All harmful toxics and cash-ruining you will start seeing great opportunities and an idea that your mind will receive, and beliefs will evaporate out of your mind

Millionaire Chance Secrets – Your brain will begin seeing every money making chance as OPPORTUNITY rather than seeing it as panic or danger



Although the principal manual is filled with a bunch of helpful technique to bring more cash the secret which makes this program extremely successful is – HYPNOSIS.

Personally discussing I used to avoid this hypnosis issue previously since I feel it doesn’t work, but reading Dr. Steve’s guide and discovering its advantages and so many success stories really did change my view on hypnosis, making me since then consistently attempt to find more about this issue.

Inside this guide, you’ll find out how Dr. Steve used hypnosis to attract mass wealth in his life.




Dr. Steve is does hypnosis since the 1980s and he already composed around 22 books on hypnotherapy. With assistance from his training classes, more than 10,000 individuals observe great increases on their net income.

Clinically Proven Techniques – Dr. Steve placed close to two years in researching these techniques and it’s now clinically shown that these techniques do work if any man employs them will total commitment.

Easy to Apply – This lengthy plan is broken up into uncomplicated six steps program that makes easy to use them.

Financial Independence – Although money just isn’t everything in this world but it is very powerful. All of us want to get a grip on financial freedom, but very few attain it. With the help of Dr. Steve’s six step formula, you can free your life from the clutches of financial struggle.


60-Days Money-Back Guarantee – It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee, so you’ve total 60 days to analyze this software with no risk of losing your hard-earned money.



Wants Devotion From Day 1 – This software is an exact blueprint to riches achievement that’s put in step by step format. But if you need to achieve results from this plan you need to put your full commitment from the day 1.

No Shortcuts – This program will just work if you implement every single measure. Every step which is clarified By Dr. Steve is significant, so you can’t bypass any one of them.



Dr. Steve is offering complete Complete Cash Magnetism application will all Mp3s and bonuses at the only one-time price of $47.

For people who aren’t familiar with this site, Clickbank is a business that is trustworthy and is the world biggest online seller of eBooks.

Furthermore, all the eBooks of Clickbank are protected with 60-days money-back guarantee. So you’ve got full 60 days to try Dr. Steve program without any risk. In case if you don’t like the directions of Dr. Steve then you simply e-mail him at and ask for a refund.



After studying and carefully analyzing on this particular program and its author we can say this is not the scam, and it works if one uses this six steps wealthy system with total and consistency commitment.

Dr. Steve contains great bonuses with Total Cash Magnetism that makes it an affordable choice. And with 60-days money back guarantee you’ll be able to attempt this program with no hazard.

Overall I really think Total Money Magnetism (The Neuroscience of Millionaires) is for those who don’t want to be restricted in their head, and want to attain success and appreciate complete financial freedom.





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