Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

  1. Terms’ Acceptance:

The Is It Worth It membership, like the Authority and the Is It Worth It Reviews name is owned  by Is It Worth It, LLC, which makes the software services and site available to you on the condition of you being subject to our TOS or Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service can always be analyzed at this page. When you use any Is It Worth It own material, service or image, you have to be subject to our TOS, which can be modified at any time without official warning.

Is It Worth It, LLC can also own other assets ruled by different Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions.


  1. Service Description:

Is It Worth It, LLC provides its users a vast array of resources, like product reviews and opinion articles, which can be accessed through a whole myriad of devices and gadgets.

You understand and agree that these services can include communications like administrative messages, service announcements and newsletters, and every of these media is subject to our TOS as well as owned by us.


  1. Registration Regulations and Obligations:

You understand and agree that the data supplied by registry on our page has to be accurate and true, and that you must be of legal age to form any binding contract that is age restricted.

If by any means Is It Worth It, LLC suspects that the information given isn’t accurate and true, we have the right to terminate the perpetrator’s account without notice, refusing subsequent uses of our service.


  1. Is It Worth It Privacy Policy

Registration and Browsing information is subject to our Privacy Policy, which you can check on this page.

You understand that using our service consents of this policy and information, and that you yield the information our Privacy Policy discloses collecting.


  1. TOS Violations

You should report any Terms Of Service violations to isitworthit@mail.com