Survive the End of Days Review: The Bible Predicts the Future!

Survive the End of Days Review: The Bible Predicts the Future!

Survive the Armageddon, Doomsday: Outlive to see the Second Coming:

If you want to know everything about the end of days and the Second Coming, then know the answer is in the Bible – and it has been deciphered.

Survive the end of days and know how the World is going to end – and exactly what and when it is going to happen.

Read below for more info on this.


A Product from Christians to Christians:

First of all, this program’s developer is know by many as one of the biggest scholars on theology, the Bible and Christianity in the world – and he is one of the most dedicated Christians, since he was an orphan and always relied on the Lord and considered him his father in all of the ways possible.

This is really refreshing, as you’re reading and studying the Bible with an expert who really knows how to analyze this Holy Book and its complex metaphors and premonitions.


The Bible Predicts the Future:

What if I told you the Bible accurately predicted the feature, and that the Holy Book already talks about the USA, how Humanity and Science would evolve and how it all would come to an end? Not very surprising considering we are talking about the Lord’s Book right?

Well then, throughout the link at the end of the article, everything is going to be explained to you, and you better prepare to be mind blown with the Lord’s greatness.


How the Bible Predicted America:

The Apostles lived in a time where nobody knew there was another continent called America, and they managed to predict it – coincidence? We really think not, and this is one of the many proofs of how the Bible is the wisest of books.

The ancient world did not know about aircrafts, technology and all of the things we take for granted today, so the metaphors are actually the human writers of the Godly work trying to describe the knowledge passed to them by the Holy Father.


When is the Apocalypse going to Happen?

If you really want to know when the Second Coming is happening and when does the Apocalypse, the end of days, starting – then the knowledge on the link below is surely something you’ll want to get.

Fortunately for you, the developer explains it all on video, so you can see and just soak the knowledge in.


Survive the Rapture:

Finally, know that by grabbing this copy you’ll be getting the highest chance possible to survive the rapture, this is if you play by God’s rules as described in the Bible

In the end, it all comes down to Him, but knowing what is happening and what God demands is a step in the right direction.


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