Sports Cash System Review: Is It Worth It?

Sports Cash System Review: Is It Worth It?

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of inboxes lately asking me to review a program that most of the sports betting community is on about, and as such I had to cover this one for you guys.

Well, as soon as I got to the official page (you can visit it here ) I found that it was Krieg there talking and that he was the head behind the product. I’ve met Krieg before in my sports betting days so that was a pleasurable surprise. Rest assured though, the review is still as unbiased as I always make them – and you can check the scam section to verify that whenever I smell a bad product, I go to town on it and tell them what’s what.

Well, first of all, as a new member I got a trial to try the Sports Cash System for free a whole week, so I got to say that was a great start since I was profiting before the week was out – which was a good sign but I had to keep going in order to properly gauge the program.

I watched all the videos, I read the full brief and I went over it all, and I’m now ready to share with you what I’ve learned the full time I used the product.



Sports Cash System Review: Free Trial, Full Refund, No Risk!

Well, I got to point out the obvious first, and that is that with a free trial and with a full refund in place (as you know this betting system is a Clickbank Certified Seller so all refunds are guaranteed) there is no risk whatsoever in claiming your spot in this offer.

Bluntly said, you can be an opportunist, get the program, bank hard with it and if you do fail to bank – which is something I can’t see occurring – then just ask for your refund. Heck, the developer even recommends you to do it this way.

By using this product, I started to feel more like a Sports Investor and that I was investing in sports picks, not gambling, as money was flowing ( just a trickle because my deposit and stakes were low, but still running like clockwork).

I also got to see amazing learning resources in the program, and there were plenty of step-by-step guides and video tutorials on “how to sports betting” and so on, and on how you can follow the program’s recommendations, maximizing your profit.

Tommy Krieg also offered tips and picks at different times of the day, almost feeling like it was a 24 hours thing, so that was amazing as my schedule isn’t fixed as I’m always writing for my different blogs.



An Extra Spotted During this Sports Cash System Review: A Good Way to Get Bonus Money and Enjoy Broker Promotions

Another thing I noticed when reviewing this program is that it isn’t only a daily picks and world class betting system, it also packs a vast array of ways to bank on broker bonuses.

You are also getting a lot of bonuses from big fish sportsbooks as well, so if you’re a sportsbooks’ reader then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the reading material.

On the other hand, I was impressed to know that the system was developed by Tommy Krieg in order to support full time sports handicappers as well as the average man for the full year – meaning there are no down times or seasonality which is great if you need to keep earning all year round.


Best Sports Bet of the Day: Daily Picks Made Easy:

The system to take advantage from the daily picks of the Sports Cash System is very simply, and I wager (pun intended) that you will take about 10 minutes learning it.

However, I must add that it is also pretty powerful, as it only takes two or three minutes per day and it is going to be one of the cores of your revenue.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this isn’t it as the amount of money you make depends on the amount of money you are able to invest, so don’t expect to make millions with a low deposit.

You’ll be, however, getting richer slowly but surely, and that’s a luxury many people can’t afford to lose in today’s times. Bottom line is, you decide what you want to make depending on your bankroll, but I advise you not to think too much about it, since after the first few moves you’ll be reinvesting your profits anyways.

In my own personal case, I withdrew my starting amount after I started profiting, and have been investing only with the earnings ever since – I recommend you do the same.

So, to sum up this chapter nicely, know that the best sports bets of the day picks from this program are one of the easier ways to bank I’ve known.




Is This The Best Sports Betting System Ever? I’m Not Saying That!

Listen, if you are browsing my money making section, or if you got here just for this post, then you need to know I covered a lot of good programs and a lot of bad ones as well (they’re on the scam section), however you’ll see that I didn’t review that many betting systems, so I honestly can’t tell you whether Sports Cash Betting is the best online sports betting picks system or not.

What I can tell you is that it worked wonders for me and that it is a no risk investment since you can get a refund in case you are not happy, and not many out there do the same.

I made money with it and I keep doing so, and that is enough for me, but if you know any good sports betting program out there feel free to leave it at the comment box below so I can check it out.

Heck if it is half as good as this one it’ll give a profitable review as well.

They really mean it when they say they turn sports betting into sports investing as this feels a lot like an awesome program I reviewed on trading stocks some years back – you need to follow the system and you’ll earn, fail to stick to the system and you’ll lose.


Betting System Reviews: I did my homework, as always!

So, another key part of my reviews is that I present my research on how other perceive the programs to be as well, as I scan for product complains on popular scam sites and I go over enraged users on forums etc, but before we head on to that, there’s a key piece of the review missing that is telling you that, in order to be a year round betting program, the Sports Cash System covers a vast array of sports during all seasons, stuff like:

  • NHL Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • NBA Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • MLB Baseball
  • College Football

… and more!


Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a snail racing league here, that’s how much variety this product packs.




Sport Cash System Average Profits: Around the Community!

With the entry on the program you’ll get in the community, and this is a cool community to be on since you can talk about sports with like minded individuals and the people there are mature and nice in general.

However, for this review’s sake I have to focus on the numbers, and that’s why this chapter was made.

The total profits, in average, for a semester are of +250 on the first month, +350 on the second, +850 on the third, +1850 on the fourth and +3075 on the sixth per person! That really says a lot.



Verification, Credentials, Registries:

So, you know that results only don’t cover the full extent of my reviews, and that I also needed to go over the verification, credibility, credentials of the company.

Well, Sports Cash System is verified by Bet Verify, a third party verification company for sports handicappers and sports systems, and they have been regulated since the year of 2013.

The company behind it is real, the developer is a real person, there are real addresses and contacts legitimately displayed on the site and the company is indeed a certified Clickbank seller as well.

Everything checks out.



Sports Betting System Reviews:

Well, checking some reviews we can find out some cool stuff about other members, but mostly we can find out that the program is rock solid as there are nearly no complains, although some exist but that’s natural – I have been in this business long enough to see what some competitors call “tactics”.

I found a guy that had $1000 on his starter month and that is now averaging $2000 a month with the system – well, this guy proves the program’s worth as 2k per month with 1k of initial investment is awesome.

On the other hand, if you were thinking the numbers were bigger, well then I have to remind you that this isn’t one of your get rich quick schemes and that the sports cash system scam bandwagon is nowhere to be found here.

Another guy claims he thought the whole program was a scam, but he tried it since there was the refund guarantee, and it disclosed to having made $560 in profit last week and plans to scale.

Lastly, and a bit more unimpressive, a guy claims to have hit $2330 on his bankroll from his starting investment of $100, which is a good gauge for most of you guys who said you were planning to go in with $100. You’ll make it back and then some, but you won’t get 2k per month starting on the 2nd month as that appears to be the average result for those with 1k initial bankroll.




The Right Business Model for Sports Pickers and Handicappers:

Another thing I have to point out is that I like the business model, I like how they don’t charge someone who is investing with $100 for $100 per pick like the other handicappers out there.

I mean, if you invest a low quantity of money into sports betting, than handicappers are pretty much out of your league and you won’t get good picks because you simply can’t afford to buy the picks or your investment money is gone.

On the other hand, do you know how handicappers really have the potential to grow? When their clients grow with them – and that’s what Sports Cash System is doing here since they are helping you grow so they can grow with their audience, not squeeze their leads for every penny and dispose of them like most other programs out there.

This review continues with me telling you the good news about pricing: you only pay once, you only pay a flat rate, and it is the same for everyone, so even if you are a big investor you will pay the lowest price – no money grabbing there.

The $4.95 refundable fee is intended to re-assure investors that they can come in and profit, so that they know that if they fail to do so, they can just leave with their money.

I checked with their vendor, and the refund rate is extremely low… can you guess why?

So, you should definitely appreciate the fact you can get in, watch every video, learn everything about the system, explore every nook and cranny and do your first bets BEFORE paying, and enabling you to decide after all of that whether you want to stay a member or not.


Sports Cash System Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

Well, now that we covered everything up from refunds, to trial entry fee to how good the program is, it is time to go over the pricing.

The normal membership to the system is of $149 on the time this article was written, which is really great, especially considering the fact that you know what the program is about and what it is worth when it is time for your first payment since you’ve been betting as a trial member.

Join this to the fact that you have all the resources, team members, handicappers, statistics, trend software and best daily picks everyday and you’ll see how I considered this to be a good deal even for the sport’s betting newbie.

On the other hand, a simple cancel is enough if you ever want to stop paying, and you won’t ever hear from them again – that’s how much they value you, they really respect your opinion and won’t bug you off daily like most other systems out there.

This sports profit system also packs some sign-up bonuses, so you’ll even get more bang for your buck.


This is my full in-depth, unbiased Sports Cash System review, and if you are still asking “Is It Worth It?” then I think you need to check the official sales page that has a lot more info to help you decide.


Here’s the Link.

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  1. I can tell you know what you’re talking about, people need unbiased stuff like this and guys that can also out scams when they happen (just read your scam section). Keep on rolling

  2. I got here googling this program just for the exact reason of wanting to know if it was worth it or not.. I prefer Zcode, but even so, I also had profit with this one.

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