SCAM ALERT: Don’t waste your money on “Video Game Tester Jobs”!

SCAM ALERT: Don’t waste your money on “Video Game Tester Jobs”!

Today we are going to do one of the things we like to do the most: Denouncing Blatant Scams that are only after your money!

Don’t you wish you could earn a living playing games at a site where you log in, get an assignment, play and bank?

Well everybody does, and that’s why these scammers found a way to get some money out of those wishes.

They set up a nice little site that looks like this:



If you stumbled upon this site, then don’t get your hopes up, they really blow a lot of smoke up your ass by talking about legit events like E3 and stuff – but that’s about it, and let’s tell you just why Gaming Jobs Online, or a vendor sometimes referred to as Video Game Tester Jobs is just a blatant scam worthy of ZERO stars.

In one word: Gaming Jobs Online is FAKE!

First of all, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Why do you have to pay to work?

If you can earn that much money, why do you have to pay in order to score a job? Does this sound legit at all? We forked the cash to review it, but we already knew this was one big black hole that just sucks all the money out of noob hands.

Lastly…. did you look at the numbers?

They are literally getting financially free and pretty much rich out of playing games? Are you a moron?

We got in the program and there is only 1 or 2 offers every once in a while, and those pay MISERABLY and most require you to be on site – and you will never ever make a profit, you’ll always end up paying more!



Of course they aren’t answering the tickets! It’s because GamingJobsOnline is a scam and they care nothing about your complaints 😀

What’s more, the contact info and the registry info is all falsified, and you can easily see they aren’t any good by checking that even Clickbank banned them!




Final Score: 

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