Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Is It Worth It Reviews wants to make you aware that we collect some personal information you consent to give us in order to give you a smoother ride throughout our website.

We reference the blog and the company Is It Worth It LLC as “us”, “we” or “our” throughout various documentation.

Although we are a small company and lack the structure of Microsoft, we do intend to show you the same commitment to transparency than the tech giant J


The Information “Is It Worth It” Gathers:

When you access our page, we gather the personal information you knowingly consent to give us, as well as your browsing experience throughout the site – like the pages you visit.


What’s The Personal Information You Disclose?

The information you knowingly disclose to us is the one contained on the registration of a subscriber or member account, as well as the information contained in the comment box – like your e-mail.


Browsing Experience Information:

Through the use of cookies, we collect information on how you choose to use our site and web servers may even include the date at which you accessed any of our pages.

We and our affiliated companies can use the information contained in this small code pieces (the cookies) to improve your browsing experience.


Cookies: The Pieces of Code – What are they?

What you know by cookie is actually a small file that is text based and contains a unique but often anonymous identifier.

Every site you access can send cookies to your browser, although every site can only access their own cookies and not the cookies administered by other sites.

We don’t control cookies that aren’t made by us.


Sharing Data to 3rd Party Websites or Entities:

We just use the data we gather to improve our content and quality of service provided, so we don’t sell or share any information with third party companies for any purpose or by any mean.


Is It Worth It Is Not Responsible To Sites That Link to It:

We are not responsible for any business practices or behaviors of webpages that link to our domain or site, and their content is theirs alone.

From the moment you leave our site, our Privacy Policy is no longer active.


By using our website, you consent to our data collection practices as described throughout this Privacy Policy page.

If we change our policies, we will post about it here so you can always be informed.