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Lauren Sutherland: Platinum Fitness Academy


Throughout this article we will go over Platinum Fitness Academy, which I consider to be one of the best systems to lose weight with – you got to give it to Lauren, since she is one of the most known personal trainers in the world and has a proven record of results among celebrities and average Joes alike.

One of the things Platinum Fitness Academy finishes with is the fad diets, false “loopholes” and technological “breakthroughs” gurus pitch you. You see, there are a lot of gurus out there that make losing weight seem like rocket science, so that they can sell you their programs – which are full of fluff.

Lauren Sutherland, a famous celebrity personal trainer, has an extensive experience with people from all over the world and with different backgrounds, including high profile figures and even Mel C, the Spice Girl – so you know she has a name to defend and she isn’t going to lose it all on a program that doesn’t work.

I, for one, tried the program and I’m pleased – but I’ll write the review later, let’s just stick to the facts now. Well, with this program you’ll get an innovative approach to food that will enable you to get results without going hungry or suffering stomach pains – which is a must for gluttons like me, for one.

It also contains a lot of specially designed programs that we’ll approach later. Lauren learned from experience. You see, she wasn’t always that successful trainer and she was a bit chubby.

She tried yoga, spinning and a lot of gym work; she starved, went on mad diets and did all that everyone said she should do. She just wanted to feel confident and look good with her bikini on.

Eventually, she considered plastic surgery.

That’s when things changed for her.

She hired a personal trainer for $600 per month and discovered 2 secretes that every one that achieved their weight loss goals had. The first secret is that one should have a specially designed plan for their diet and for their food, and the second one is that you should trust the experts – and we mean real experts, not gray websites that pose as gurus.

Lauren spent that cash on a personal trainer and she learned a lot – achieving her results fast. She was addicted to learning though and she spent thousands of dollars learning from the world’s biggest fitness names. With all this information, she developed a system of her own. A system that is so simple that you only have to want it to make things happen – it’s a plan that won’t get you to sweat like a pig everyday and eat like a chicken.

Lauren often says that “everyone has mentors” and this is one of the best things with Platinum Fitness Academy – Having a mentor so prominent as Lauren Sutherland, who trained the biggest celebrities and charges $137 for one hour consultations.

By enrolling on the Platinum Fitness Academy you get a shiny account and access to the inner members area, as well as a huge package of exercises, nutritional tips and everything you might need to achieve your well earned results.

The program is straightforward and Lauren won’t give you any BS – it is all straight, no fluff, only juicy info that produces results! You’ll actually get Lauren to be your personal trainer because she will be telling you how to work out and what to eat, as well as many other bonuses.

These bonuses included a new monthly case study on one of her high profile clients, video responses to any question you might have, you’ll be granted access to a closed VIP Facebook group, you’ll get a webinar from Lauren every single month, new monthly healthy recipes, a huge library of exercise videos from her and lastly her personal suppliers and inside info.

Lauren claims that her program is worth about $1100 per month. I can see that being a little bit over the edge for most of us, but I would gladly pay $500 a month for what I’ve got.

Luckily for us, Platinum Fitness Academy is available for $27 a month for the first 500 subscribers and $97 for the rest of them – so get on the bandwagon fast, as I don’t think that there are many positions remaining on the $27 tier.

Another thing that made me feel at ease when investing is that there are no contracts and no commitments whatsoever, so I can quit when I want – and there’s also a 60 days money back guarantee, so I was sure that if I didn’t like it I could get a refund, no problem.

I didn’t need my refund, because Platinum Fitness Academy really delivers.

Final Rating: 

Sorry, it’s Sold Out!

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