Millionaire Blueprint is a SCAM: Stay Away From Them!

Millionaire Blueprint is a SCAM: Stay Away From Them!

We really don’t know where these scams will end up as they seem to get more and more farfetched. Hell, we even laugh at some concepts right now – but let us forget that for a minute and approach the big scam that is Millionaire Blueprint.

Ok, you got a blueprint to become a millionaire? How about selling it for a bullshit price? LOL.


Yes, Millionaire Blueprint is a Scam:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, this program is a big fat scam.

Well, to start it out it gave us the signals right at the bat – it presents the symptoms of “Bullshitytis” and has all that hype and fluff with close to no real information and just a bunch of photoshop proof.

Well, apart from that, we did our background check only to find out nothing checks out and that the product is sold through Clicksure.

For those who aren’t familiar with Clicksure, it is a portal where scams are sold, as Clickbank – a legitimate vendor – banned all scams from being sold, Clicksure stepped up to pick up that market.


Fake Company and Fake Testimonials:

Doing a background check on the company, you can instantly see it is not registered and regulated by state, or any government’s authorities, which is a pretty big red flag.

On top of that, the testimonials are made by actors, and I even know a few!

Known testimonial actors on a legitimate product? I don’t think so!


Believe us, we tried it and it fails miserably, just as we knew it would:

Finally, this is the frosting on top of the cake and the answer you’ve been looking for.

We wanted to answer the question of “is it a scam?” permanently, so even though we knew it was a scammy product, we tried it – only to watch in awe how it failed ever so miserably.


If you want to make money on the Internet, get a real product – definitely stay away from this gimmick.

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