Magic Submitter Review: Is it Worth it?

Magic Submitter Gives You Amazing Features Like:

There’s a new program in town that is called Magic Submitter and it works wonders when it comes to optimizing and streamlining your online marketing efforts.

This is great for companies, individuals and brands, but let us tell you the area in which it packs a lot of potential is in promoting websites and increasing site authority and traffic, so if you’re in the SEO business, this might just be the thing for you.


Creates and Verifies Hundreds of Accounts:

First of all, what we have to mention in this Magic Submitter Review is that it really creates and verifies hundreds of accounts, so you don’t have to go around buying them or creating them manually yourself, and it really helps as the account creating isn’t spammy because of the in-built captcha solver and all the optimization done on the customization features.


Submits Quality Original Content to More Than 2000 Sites:

Another thing worthy of note is that you can submit quality original content to over two thousand sites at once, which really enables you to take your web marketing strategies to another level.

Make no mistake, this is not your everyday product and so it isn’t priced cheap, but for what it does we deed the value well placed and it really is worth every penny.

In fact, we didn’t have a new entry on our Top 5 products (see the right side) for a while, and this cracked a place there, which is no small thing as we review a whole lot of products.


Triggers Every Captcha Correctly:

No spam fences can stop you once you have Magic Submitter working for you, and it is really magical as it solves even the most advanced, blurry or mechanically developed captchas without thinking. Nothing more to say here.



Get’s you Backlinks 24/7:

We shouldn’t have to tell you about the potential this software has to create backlinks as we already exemplified some of the stuff it can do and you probably know what to do with it, but yeap – it packs a ton of backlink potential.


Organizes and Categorizes Said Backlinks:

Because analytics are the way to go and you don’t want to stay in the dark, this Magic Submitter review continues by letting you know that every backlink will be organized and categorized so you can easily go through them.


Pings and Bookmarks those Links:

No more need to jump at fast indexers or pay express indexing fees on anything, as the program will ping and bookmark every link to grant you a great indexing time and to make the links seem organic and interesting – a cool add-on that is lacking in many programs out there.


Schedules your Whole Marketing Campaign:

Finally, the customization options are really cool, and you can easily schedule weeks of marketing campaigns in an hour – freeing a lot of time you can use to promote your business in areas and ways Magic Submitter can’t help you.


Sets up Premium Reports: Use it for your Clients!

Finally, as this software is so powerful we’re sure SEO firms will jump on the option to invest in it, so to those guys, we have an advice:

  • Capitalize on the Premium Reports Magic Submitter generates to give you that professional look.


All in all, this rock solid program earns the score of:

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