League of Legends Plugin: The Plug-in to Rule Them All

League of Legends Plugin: The Plug-in to Rule Them All

There’s a new plug-in for League of Legends called LOL Builder, and this isn’t just your average game plugin since it is designed to improve your game, not only by what the addondoes, but by teaching you how to play at a professional level with the most in-depth and easy to read resource on League of Legends Professional Play.

LOLBuilder is a plug-in or add-on designed to help you out by providing everything you need to master your champions right on the game’s interface. What happens is that instead of you getting “Recommended Builds” you get a tab with several professional builds for that champion, with the percentage of the times professional challenger and diamond players use for that champion and role.

So, you no longer have to go to Lolnexus, Solomid, Lolking, Mobafire and so on to check builds, counter-picks and everything else – every piece of info you need is available right on the League of Legends interface with this handy plug-in.

The course is also golden, and it aims to improve your play with the motto “Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days”, though it may take longer than that if you don’t play daily.

Even though most of the program is aimed at people stuck in Elo Hell (considered here to be Bronze, Silver and Gold), players outside it can also benefit greatly from their program by reading the advanced chapters of the course and using the in-game plugin.

This is what League of Legends players and everyone at Bronze League was waiting for.

Included in LoLBuilder:

  • LoL Plugin;
  • Lifetime Updates;
  • Diamond Player Handbook;
  • Full Training Course (12 chapters)

… and more!

Final Score: 

Download LoLBuilder Now!

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