Instabuilder Review: Is It Worth It?

Instabuilder Review: Is It Worth It?

We’ve been hearing a lot of ruckus regarding Instabuilder lately, and as so we wanted to review it in full to let you guys know what we think about this program.

Well, for those who love the Internet and those who want to build a brand, business or community online, this is definitely an interesting product, so we can relate to all that hype.

Let’s see what does Instabuilder do and discover whether it is worth it or not.


A Great Drag-n-Drop Page Builder:

This is the first perk we have to mention as it is at the core of the Instabuilder product. When you get this program, which is pretty affordable by the way, you get a great drag and drop page builder that makes site building so easy you feel like you’re assembling it as a pro.

Trust me when I say I have no programming skills, and that’s why this blog is so simple, but with this program right here I actually thought about re-doing my site, giving up just because I think my current designer would take offense – he is my brother in law… lol.


Mobile/Tablet Responsive: Check!

If you haven’t been living in a hole you know that Google and Search Engines in general really consider tablet and mobile compatibility as far as a site is concerned – and many users access your site through their gadgets now – so you have to build a responsive website.

Rest assured, Instabuilder will help you with that as all designs and sites you’ll create are automatically responsive – enjoy!



Over 100 Premium Templates for Any Industry:

If you need to get things set up on the fast lane, then you’ll love to know that there are premium design templates for nearly every industry you can imagine in this powerful industry. Not only that but they are also easy to edit, so even if you have a parakeet funeral house – your industry is not too unique to Instabuilder and you can get your portal set up lightning fast with no programming required.


2 & 3 Step Opt-in Technology:

You know that a website that sells or converts has something that sites that fail have not – clear call to actions, action paths well laid out and a great Opt-in Technology that is also heavily customizable in an easy to process way.

Well, this program caters to people who know conversions matter, and you will be able to optimize on every lead that lands on your pages.


Built-In Image Editor and a great One-Click HTML Converter:

Forget about having to switch from one program to another, you are given every option here and you can start and finish your website without even leaving the program – even if you’re an advanced user.


Welcome Gate:

First impressions matter, and Instabuilder knows this, that’s why we had to mention on this Instabuilder review that they have a feature entirely designed for those first moments that decide whether a user bounces or not – The Welcome Gate.



A/B Testing Pages – Split Testing Made Easy:

This is an amazing function that every web-site builder should have. In order to always have the highest performing webpage working, you need to pitch them in “to the death” duels between each other – and this feature does just that.


Advanced Analytics:

I have some experience in site building, trust me, and I always pay a lot of attention to analytics – well, many webmasters can’t afford expensive analytics program or find it that Google Analytics isn’t practical for some reason (or just want to hide their numbers from Google).

Having that in mind, know that Instabuilder gives you a hugely advanced Analytics tool as well – nothing will be left out of scope.


Scarcity Builder: Timers, Copies Left, and More!

Let’s say you really want to hype a product up and you need to put a scarcity element into the mix.

Well, Instabuilder gives you that option with their Scarcity Builder widgets that allow you to place times, copies left and more!

That way, your leads will jump at the opportunity to grab that last minute deal, or that premium offer – it’s  win-win!


All in all, Instabuilder is a solid product for those who want to build something along these lines, but it turns legendary for those who do not know how to code or don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on the separate tools, scripts, plug-ins and themes included in this bundle that gives you everything you need on a budget price.

The best thing? It has a 2 month 100% refund guarantee, so you don’t risk a thing!

Our Rating:


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    1. The 2 months guarantee is really guaranteed because they are selling through Clickbank, and they are the ones who are enforcing that policy, not the product developer himself – so rest assured you’ll never face complications if you think you need to get that refund.

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