Gold Digger Scam: Making Money, BUT Not For You!

Gold Digger Scam Review:

There is a new get rich quick scheme in town, and it goes by the name of Gold Digger, a scam product that is being promoted via Clicksure, which has a reputation you can easily Google.

Any moron can instantly see this one doesn’t even try to look legit.

Can we have a moment of silence for the image below?



Who believes an image like this? I mean, is the guy Midas or something? Did he go back from the Future and arrived with a spreadsheet with all the values?

Oh, you plan to tell me those are legitimate robot trades and the robot mathematically predicts the entropy of market fluctuations above any doubt, magically scoring home runs after home runs?

Oh… but there’s more… believe me, the developers aren’t even trying!


Oh, they show this one on the bottom of the page, where you’re supposed to throw them your money.

The numbers after “YOUR POTENTIAL PROFIT” are always rising, no matter what, it is just a bogus counter, and the icons, the badges.

People know the badges have to be linked to certificates, but no – these guys are using a .jpeg with all badges in a SINGLE image and that’s it.

Safe and Secure? More like give us your money and never have it again, because THEY are safe and secure.

On the other hand, they aren’t forcing you to buy a thing – see, if you exit their page they’ll keep bothering with offers in exchange of an e-mail… an e-mail that they will SPAM to death with more gimmicks and scams until you finally crack and start believing the fairytale yourself.


Man, I shouldn’t even be trying to justify this one being placed in the SCAM section, but if you want to buy it – by all means do it!

Here, I’ll even throw my ref link: Referral Link



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2 thoughts on “Gold Digger Scam: Making Money, BUT Not For You!

    1. That’s the rule of thumb Elder… you can’t become a millionaire overnight, although there are some select programs (rare) that help you get started.

      This is NOT one of them – big scam, avoid at all costs.

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