FBInfluence Review: Is FBInfluence Worth It?

FBInfluence Review: Is FBInfluence Worth It?

For those hoping to get a slice of the pie from Facebook and those who want to take social media marketing seriously, we bring you the best selling marketing tool as far as Facebook is concerned.

We’re talking about FBInfluence, and throughout our little FBInfluence review we will talk about why you need it, what does it teach and reveal one or two sections of the product itself.

As for deciding whether FBInfluence is worth it or not, this is for you to decide after reading this review.


Why you Need FBInfluence:

First of all, what is the big deal about Facebook marketing and why do I need a product for it, can’t I just setup a page and start posting?

Well these are questions we will answer here.


Facebook has 1.35 Billion Active Users:

We are not talking about total number of users here, keep in mind we are talking about active users only, as there are a whole lot more that aren’t active.

This means your market is literally huge and you can get an endless supply of leads and customers if you play your cards right.


There are over 0.5 Billion Facebook Pages!

So, why can’t you create a business page and start posting and that’s that? Well, consider that there are over half a billion pages on facebook and that you can’t possibly hope to get visibility without some heavy lifting or the right tools and knowledge.

Are you going to post your stuff and just hope for the best? If so, then the position of social media manager or social media marketer in companies would be a lot simpler!


Like and Share Buttons are seen 0.22 Billion times a day!

Finally, do you want people to like and share your content to the masses? How are you going to do it if you face an audience that sees these buttons hundreds of time per day?

We know these buttons don’t even have the same impact they used to have anymore and that people are beginning to gain a certain blindness – know how to overcome that!

Facebook Funnels the Most Hot Leads for Some Businesses:


What will FBInfluence Teach you?

Let’s go over what this amazing product can do for you and what can it teach you.


How to Flood Leads to a Service or Product?

First things first, if you’re looking for a way to grab Facebook and squeeze leads to a certain service or product then FBInfluence is the product for you since this is the core of it – getting you to sell or convert.

If you just want to maintain authority, then the product would help you but you would be missing a lot of the potential since it really focuses on leads and how to get them & convert them.


How to Attract People who Need to do Business?

Secondly, you get the knowledge on how to position yourself in a way that you will instantly get people who need to do business with you to pop up, getting you a leg up on your efforts and allowing you to expand your networking possibilities and global reach.


Getting Social Proof:

You will also need to generate social proof in order to make people like and share your content. Nobody likes to be part of something that has no social proof whatsoever, and learning how to get it along with getting traction and critical mass to evolve are stuff you will tackle with FBInfluence.


Be the Expert and Leader in your Field:

Get to be perceived as the expert or leader in your own industry, field or niche. This is an invaluable position and social media platforms like Facebook provide you with more than enough tools to pull this off correctly.

With this program’s guidance and tricks you will get the limelight, no doubt about it!


Get a Vibrant Fan Base, a Community Raving over your Brand!

You will learn on how to cater to your fans and to make your community grow to a point it will start raving over your brand and becoming your number one salesmen due to their reviews and the way they will recommend your product, brand or service to their own networks.

This can compound pretty quickly, and snowballing off of it is also what this product will teach you about.


Get Fans to Become Super Fans and Instantly Buying what you Sell!

Finally, the program also talks about Super Fans and how to get them by refining existing fans. If you manage to pull this off, you will generate Super Fans that will buy your products or services with no second thoughts.

A company running almost only on Super Fans is Apple, rings a bell?


Some Sneak Peeks on FBInfluence Content:

Let’s give you some insight on some, about 10%, of what the product has to offer.


A Secret Trick to Attract Prospects:

There’s a very cool trick inside that allows you to attract prospects, and now that I think of it I saw this being done many times over without “seeing” it!

This is a bit vague, but I include this feature here because it was what helped my brand the most.


Getting Testimonials in Auto-Pilot:

Another cool perk is the feature that will enable you to get testimonials for your company even while you sleep.

Social proof is king when it comes to social media, and spreading the good word is something you definitely want people to do.


A Paragraph that gets fans Raving!

Finally, know of a simple paragraph that acts on people making them rave about your product. This is only one example of many powerful, psychology backed techniques you will learn throughout the course.


There’s much more to discover though, read all about it below:

Check out FBInfluence Here!


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