Elite Gold Profits is a Scam: And a Bad One Too!

Elite Gold Profits is a Scam: And a Bad One Too!

Oh my God… this scam is so blatant that if you haven’t noticed all the red flags you must be blind.

First off, take a look at the frame to the left of the video. Do you plan to tell me that George Clooney, Roger Federer, Beyoncé and friggin OPRAH are your customers and all use this product?

That is some illegal bullshit right there!


Fake Celebrities Endorsement? Red Flags Anyone?

Who the hell would plaster unauthorized celebrity photos and pseudo-endorsements on a legit program? Do you honestly think the guys who made the program “Elite Gold Profits” gamble celebrities’ earnings on binary options.

Do you even think that there’s an auto bot out there that will make you a millionaire with 200 bucks?


Well, I guess those who are idiot enough to pay deserve to find out the truth for themselves.


Fake Company and Fake Guru: Elite Gold Profits is Made by a Soccer Coach? Haha!

Oh my God it gets worse!

Really, I laughed so hard when reviewing this program I nearly spit my gums out and did a back flip on my chair – just Google the developer’s name and you can see the guy’s  soccer coach, and no mention to this pseudo-guru that works with celebrities whatsoever.

Red flag? Maybe a clear indication that Elite Gold Profits is a blatant scam?


Keep your Money or Lose it: Yes, Elite Gold Profits is a Scam!

Finally, we did what we usually do to confirm a company or a product – yes, because the company isn’t even registered so it isn’t a company, just a fancy logo – and we “invested in the program”.

For two long months the program did 4 trades, and it won one with pure luck 😀

If you want to get rich quick, you may as well pick up a real program and start working hard, not laying back and buying scams.


Remember, everything that is worth it demands some work, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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