Compound Trader Scam Review!

So, we have determined to upload our scam review as soon as possible so that you can help binary options trades and online investors who seek for valid and rewarding systems, to take the correct choice. In this scam review, we’re about to show the whole of advice that is misleading, the lies and fake system which was created to drain your trading account as fast as you deposit.


The presenter, some guy who says he’s Dr. Henderson, was claiming that it took them nearly seven years to finish the whole of the bundle of the Compound Trader Program. He said that during these tough 7 years of commitment to create and develop the auto dealer, including assessing, testing and optimizing, they have managed to create an advanced robot that may make you over $750 per hour and up to $12.000-13.000 a day, every day (and that they are beta-testing the product for over 6 months now). Also, we’ve been told that if we sign up with CompoundTrader, we will live in the home of our dreams, drive sports cars and enjoy holidays without ever worrying about cash and…. To become millionaires in less than two months, lol. Furthermore, Albert said the compounding effect only occurs when the program identifies trends which might be affirmed as lucrative trades and that profits are boosted by the auto-trader from single trades to 10x or even 100x in a row.


Thus, after disclosing this pleasant story about Doctor Albert Henderson and his gang who purportedly developed the Compound Dealer App for the last seven years, we have determined to start investigating his claims and to do our homework. First things first, we didn’t see any testimonials during this demonstration by real and active dealers, and there is NOTHING about them in their official site. Second, by testing their domain age by the famed website we found the domain was initially filed on 2016-07-14 which can be exactly four days ago.


Besides, the Compound Dealer Program should be making you 12.000 dollars per month to make you a millionaire that lives in the home of your dreams, drives sports cars and enjoys vacations without ever worrying about money, right? Preposterous! In on the global financial market, including Forex, as well as the binary options business, no one even become a millionaire in 60 days or can get this sort of cash of thousands of dollars a day.


FINAL NOTE by IsItWorthIt!

The program’s aim is unattainable and clearly not down to earth as the maximum that a tested and trusted auto trader like the one we mentioned previously could be creating up to $800 a day.

The Compound Trader Program is only a scam system that is made by a small grouping of scammers to be able to steal your hard earned money. Make sure remain as far away as you can from this delusory ‘ ’ system that is automated and to keep our advice that the only thing that knows to do is to empty your investment on completely auto pilot mode. Also, visit our blacklist page and rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map!


Isitworthitreviews verdict: The Compound Dealer is a SCAM!!


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