CB Passive Income Review: Is ClickBank Passive Income Worth It?

CB Passive Income Review: Is ClickBank Passive Income Worth It?

This isn’t a new program, but it must have caught a second wind or something because I’ve been asked to review it multiple times these last few days.

I could have swore I already reviewed it, but I looked it over and it I didn’t – I must have thought about it and I definitely made a little draft, but apparently I didn’t publish it.

Anyways, I’m going to go over it now, leaving you with my honest and unbiased CB Passive Income review.

Let me go over the modules of the training program, which I had access to:


1st Module: How Long or Short should your Auto-Responder Mailing Sequence be:

See, everyone knows how to create websites to try to promote their products nowadays, but what they don’t know are little tested and proven secrets like this one.

There are fine details separating a marketer from a promoter, and this is one of those.


2nd Module: What’s the Best Offer-Content Ratio

This one is pretty self-explanatory and one of the things most people ask themselves when they are starting promoting affiliate marketing offers – should all content be promotional, should they mix in good tips and stuff like that? What’s the ratio?

Wonder no more.

3rd Module: When to Follow Up?

It’s like that day after a date when you’re considering whether to call her or not. You’re going to master that section here.

4th Module: E-Mail Marketing and Subject Lines:

In this module, you’ll be taught on how to get a record number of open rates and how to get those leads reading your e-mails.

5th Module: Keeping your List Active:

Many e-mail marketers do the mistake of mailing too many offers, offering too little value or doing other stuff that just kills their list and makes it obsolete.

In this module you’ll learn on how to keep those subscribers active and clicking.

6th Module: How to start Making Money with your Mailing List!

This is where you’ll learn to convert those subscribers to customers, earning you the bacon at the end of the day, or right at the start if you are like me and love to see those sales numbers in the morning.


7th and 8th Module: Writing E-mails with Templates!

If you aren’t a wordsmith or a pro-copywriter yourself, you’ll be giving examples live on what to put it on different occasions, that is worth some points in my book.


9th Module: The Number 1 Tip on Copywriting!

Learn how to make your copywriting effective by using the number one key to writing compeling and powerful sales letters and pitches.

10th Module: Strategies to Increase E-Mail Marketing Income!

Now that you know the ins and outs of writing e-mails and doing e-mail marketing, it is time to learn how to scale it up and make it as effective as possible.

11th Module: Interacting with Fans and Subscribers!

If you played your cards right, you will have generated some loyal subscribers and maybe even a fan or two by now – learn how to keep them engaged and skyrocket their value.

12th Module: Learn how to Follow Up According to the Customer’s Sub-Type!

Different people need different approaches – it is time to do a little tweaking on a more advanced level to get things working out even better.


13th Module: How to Keep your Buyers Buying!

People who bought from you once can and will buy from you again, if you learn your lesson in this module.

14th Module: The Secret Ingredient!

Well, what would my CB Passive Income review be if I didn’t share the secret with you? It’s basically a guide on e-mail marketing campaigns that people who are big in this industry use pretty much with no alteration – you can learn it here and start doing it yourself.


All in all, this CB Passive Income review finishes on a good tone, and we are breathing lighter knowing Clickbank Passive Income isn’t a scam – it is an amazing product for those who want to learn the ropes, however I can’t give it more than 4 stars because if you are willing to spend loads of time you’ll get most of the information free.

If you really want a sureshot way to learn and succeed in this industry though and you want to make the path to success shorter – I say go for it.

Our rating:


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