BonusBagging Review: All About Bonus Bagging and its Results

BonusBagging Review: All About Bonus Bagging and its Results

Today we are going to review BonusBagging, a program that is becoming increasingly popular as it introduces a new kind of betting arbitrage which has ensured its present constant profits and rising numbers all year around.

We wanted to get in and find out how everything works when you are inside, because we have received countless messages asking us to check it out to see if its legit and safe.

Well, we contacted Mike, BonusBagging’s owner, and we got access to the program – thanks by the way – to check out how everything works.

The premise is simple; you are going to cash out bonuses offered by casinos and bookmakers risk-free.

First things first, let’s get this out of the way, we thought this was going to be a letdown and that the numbers were forged, but we actually found out this is a smart mechanic. However, don’t think you’ll get rich overnight, this is not a get rich quick scam – BonusBagging is an honest opportunity at making money with betting sites, and we made on average £500 per month, not thousands of dollars per week.

But let’s face it, £500 is a lot of money for real world people like us.


This BonusBagging Review is getting better, because now we’re disclosing how the system works, or at least a big part of it:

They send you instructions via e-mail and 2 separate bets are placed. 1 of those bets is going to be placed with a free bet agent, such as with a bonus, and another one is made with another bookmaker – the result is you make a profit either way!

BonusBagging will also teach you on how to cash out reloads and refunds etc… and you won’t get those thousands you always dream off, but you’ll earn a constant stream of profit on the side, and that is always useful!

We just want to let you know that Bonus Bagging is going to fill up, as Mike told us the price is going to slowly rise until the program closes, as to keep the program risk free and under the radar.

Final Score: 

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