Black Ops Hypnosis Review: Is Blackopshypnosis a Scam?

Black Ops Hypnosis Review: Is Blackopshypnosis a Scam?

Here’s what happened.

So a few months after I ‘d completed my training with The Professor I ‘d to go on a business trip.

After drinking for a fair bit, I was bit excited and ended up talking about my training and it was the craziest things I’d ever seen.

And there was this girl who was MEGA HOT that WOULDN’T LEAVE ME ALONE.


But it was not like the “great” not leave you alone.


It was not like she was flirting with me or anything cool like that.

It was just the reverse.

See, all she needed to do was hassle me.

She mostly followed me up to my hotel room and kept saying that I was only trying to impress everyone, and hypnosis or stuff like that didn’t exist.

So after a while, I decided to teach a lesson to her.


Warning! What Happened Next Was An Accident


I didn’t use my techniques to seduce for a long time, so this is what I count as my “shield” for what happened.

I believed I might have used a little bit of Dark Side Hypnosis on her only to make her give me her number, after that I could just say:

“Dark Side Hypnosis was just used by me on you, and you only gave me your number. So stop teasing me.”


Anyway – that was my strategy.


But That Is Not What Occurred

Firstly I used a slider to trigger the “Empire Man” technique on myself to forthwith infuse my heart with rock-solid, unshakeable self-confidence. (you’ll see precisely how to do that in the course)


(This one belief altering technique will promptly let you establish massively powerful center confidence. Your life will majorly shift by using this technique alone.

This is because it is part of Dark Side Hypnosis and it is known by just several others in the world, besides myself and The Professor.

Here ‘s what occurred.




I am not kidding.

She “miraculously” has a complete change of heart about me and asks to come in to see my hotel room.








Anyway, I’d like you to know I ‘d no intentions of getting her to come up to ABBA songs to my room and strip.

As I said, I accidentally took it too far.


That is How Strong These Techniques Are!

Truthfully, I am becoming just a little worried because I believe this kind of mind control is a little too powerful.

I have been quiet because this is something that can really get out of hand if its used by bad people.


The bottom line is this, with Dark Side Hypnosis…

…You CAN Command Anyone You Need Forthwith


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