50K Mission Review: It is a Scam! Don’t Buy It!

50K Mission Review: It is a Scam! Don’t Buy It!

Is 50K Mission legit or a big fat lie? Well, it is really bigger than huge big fat lies, so there you go – I have spoken!

Well, you know me and how I’m always ready to out scams that have been preying on the gullible, but this one is so bluntly a scam that I don’t know how people fall for it.

I mean, are you telling me that you can get thousands of dollars with close to no investment simply by buying a gimmicky program? Well, talk about getting rich quickly and with no work.

That’s always a scam!


No Single Pro in Sight!

Well, I really searched far and wide to look for a pro, as sometimes even scams have a learning resource or something that isn’t so bad and that can teach you a few things if you bother to read it – but as far as 50K Mission is concerned, we cannot find a single pro to place at this review.

It’s a big pile of nothing – to keep the conversation safe for work.


Unreal Profits: Rich with no Effort? $50.000 in under a week? LOL

Ho ho ho, I always love to review programs that promise thousands of dollars of revenue and a one way ticket to easy street.

I can imagine the gullible people seeing the videos and getting pumped up as the con-artists drop them ideas of cool new cars, new houses, telling their bosses to go f*** off and whatever – well, too bad that doesn’t happen in real life.

You have to work your way up, and legit money making programs (like on our Money Making category) always demand either a good investment or lots of work.

You can’t invest nothing to get rich – either be prepared to fork some cash or work your ass off… hell, even doing both is required some times.


Fiverr Testimonials Again… it’s getting old!

Ok, so now it is mainstream to have fiverr actors to do video testimonials telling you all about how 50k Mission and other scams revolutionized their lives.

Seriously, hop on to Fiverr.com and browse the voice actor page to find out all the actors there, selling their services for $5 – $50.

The “rich” gurus cannot even be bothered to hire real actors – woowie!


No Results, No Surprises: A 50K Mission Scam!

The 50K Mission review is concluded with this paragraph, a paragraph that states that we enrolled in the program just to have a streak of losing trades and our accounts emptied.

We asked for a refund to see how the con-men would react, and as expected… no refund was given.

If you still want to buy 50K Mission, then go ahead… but you won’t find a referral link here – it’s thrash!

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